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Nursery school

baby Jesus

Back in 1963 the Nursery School began its journey almost timidly, prompted by the pressing petition of the mothers to the mayor Avv. Filippo Gramatica.
But the deus ex machina who carried out the daring enterprise was Mons.Carlo Dellacasa, with the support of Cardinal Giuseppe Siri who interceded with the Marquis Matilde Giustiniani widow of the Marquis Pierino Negrotto Cambiaso to obtain the donation, in 1959, of the necessary land. . This was followed by further donations, in 1969 and 1971, made by the granddaughter, Marchesa Carlotta Fasciotti Giustiniani widow Cattaneo Adorno.
Unfortunately, there were also ungenerous oppositions to the project due to conflicting interests, but in the end the common sense of many and above all the unshakable perseverance of the Archpriest Dellacasa prevailed.


Via Terralba 103 - 16011 Arenzano

Tel / Fax: 0109110957



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Regione Liguria: 1243,36 euro

Comune di Arenzano: ​24809,71

Ministero: 28146,75 euro

Parrocchia: 41428,23 euro

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