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Don Carlo.jpg

Photo by Don Carlo Dellacasa

Don Carlo Dellacasa

(17/9/1920 - 5/06/2009)

Unfortunately, it is with great regret that I inform the community that on 5/06/2009 our dear Don Carlo fell short of the affection of his loved ones. We want to remember him in prayer with great affection because he was not only Don Carlo, he was OUR Don Carlo, loved and esteemed by all Arenzanesi for his always efficient and punctual service. Even in old age he always made himself available especially towards the sick and the elderly, he never renounced being close to the suffering and offering words of comfort to the needy. If you wanted to confess .... you knew where to find him: at his confessional! He was always there, in his place: hours and hours spent at the confessional between one confession and the next, he never failed to shell his faithful rosary. A humble person but who "worked under"; who never wanted to show off, but who with prayer and a good heart has come a long way among the Arenzanesi. Let us pray for him, so that the Lord may welcome him into his Kingdom and so that now from heaven he may be able to show us the right path to follow.

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